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New consumer behavior must mean new marketing behavior.(Marketing Evolution)

Changes in consumption habits in general and particularly in media consumption have changed dramatically, being more obvious in young people. This has led to a significant waste of communication investment. "An estimated 60% of digital marketing spend is wasted".

Apart from the fact that many advertisers and media agencies were wrong when they calculated that digital marketing would be the solution to their communication problems, there are other reasons that, if not thoroughly analyzed, cause waste and kill the "engagement" we want to stimulate.

2. Target group out of touch with reality: Do you know where they are buying and what exactly they want? Incorrect assumptions, not knowing the habits and routines of your consumers in digital media, and even in traditional media, ruin campaigns. As habits continue to change post-COVID, it creates considerable worry and angst for marketers, who are left with a lot of trepidation and historical data that is largely irrelevant. A good consumer research plan is a good investment, if you save on this just for the sake of saving, the mistakes will continue.

3.     Content can be very creative, but if it does not find a positive reaction from consumers, because they are not persuasive, it hurts and takes a long time to reverse. Let's remember that today's topic is the evolution from GRP to PRP (Persuasive Rating Point), i.e. the evolution from GRP to PRP (Persuasive Rating Point).

Rating Point), i.e., both the message and the medium used have to provide persuasion, so it is crucial to

provide persuasion, so it is crucial to know which communication and which medium resonates with your audience. TELEVISA is one of the forerunners of this thinking.

4.     Distribution Channels: Distribution channels (digital or traditional) that are not thoroughly analyzed fail. They are not chosen for their CPM but for efficiency, which in the long run costs less and with much more ROI. Deciding on the medium (digital or traditional) is only part of the process. You also have to think about the best scheduling, the right use of social media,

the cast, target reach, schedules and many other things, so that everything goes well.

5.     Just keep in mind that old methods don't work anymore.

Based on "Waste of Advertising: Marketing Evolution.

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