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How to achieve effective engagement with fans for the benefit of sponsoring brands?


  1. Focus on finding a CREATIVE sponsorship strategy that fosters engagement with fans. This applies equally to sporting events or music concerts. Design creative activations that stand out and capture attention. This could include special events, unique collaborations, contests, and interactive experiences.

  2. Ensure that there is affinity between fans and the brand and its products, and that their values align with those of the brand. Understand their preferences and tastes. REMEMBER that fans are part of a sports or concert community, which pleases and excites them. Fans always participate in everything related to their idols, so coordinate with the chosen property to support your ENGAGEMENT strategy. You can also offer them exclusive experiences, such as access to training sessions, autograph signings, special events produced by the property, etc. Typically, all these actions work and are successful, in addition to fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty to the brands among fans.

  3. Leverage social media Influencers and influential fans within their community to support your strategy.

  4. The content you receive from the property, or created by you, MUST stand out; fans are demanding when it comes to information. Maintain an active presence on social media and encourage conversations among fans.

  5. In campaigns supporting sponsorship, ACTIVELY INVOLVE fans, making them part of the campaign.

  6. Collaborating with active artists or players of the team or past legends always strongly attracts fans' attention.

  7. The use of (appropriate) incentives for fans can be very effective. Promotion of tickets, VIP entry to the event, recognition as a "SUPER FAN," etc.

  8. Establish clear metrics to evaluate the success of the sponsorship. This could include reach, social media interaction, lead generation, among others. Measure and analyze the ENGAGEMENT you are obtaining versus your KPIs and adjust the strategy when necessary.


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